Born in Jordan, Canadian based DJ and Producer Calgar C fell in love with Electronic music at an early age. It wasn’t until the early 2000’s when he started tinkering with sound. Calgar C quickly crawled into the Electronic scene doing a number of underground shows based around his love for Trance music, landing him a number of residencies in Ottawa.

His sound can be catagorized as a mixture of classic psy, with a bit of uplifting sounds and a cinematic touch. Calgar C has released a number of singles and remixes under a few labels such as his first release Decade under Miraloop records.

Now located in Montreal, Calgar C hopes to take both himself and others to another level.


Elements Radio is Calgar C’s weekly podcast. The idea behind the show was to share Calgar C’s love for Trance music with the world. The podcast is available fridays both on soundcloud and mixcloud, with almost 100 episodes to date.


In 2015 Calgar C decided to take his love for Trance music a step further by releasing his latest project Elektric Cafe. A pure Trance label specializing in various styles of Trance including Psy, Goa, Prog, Tech and a bit of Uplifting Trance.